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Dr. Paul Bourque

"You will not find anyone more knowledgeable and professional than Dr. Bourque. I suffered from jaw problems and an overbite for the majority of my life and it wasn't until after I went through Dr. Bourque's orthodontic treatment did my teeth and bite improve tremendously. After a bout with stress nearly 10 years later that caused aggravation in my jaws to return, I returned to Dr. Bourque, and to my surprise, he remembered me as one of his former patients. In addition, there was no hesitation to schedule me in for an appointment even though I was no longer getting orthodontic treatment from him. Once again, his advice and knowledge helped me to alleviate the problem. He takes the time to explain everything and as a patient you can feel that he truly cares and wants to help. I am thankful to him, as he improved my condition a great deal. I found his entire staff to be friendly and professional over the years while I was his patient. I highly recommend him to anyone."

"I went to Dr. Bourque as a small child and i can tell you if anyone seen my teeth they would not believe what a mess they were. I have seen first hand the amazing work he has done. Now a mother of 3 i would not think twice about taking my own children to see him knowing the fantastic results."

"He is a perfectionist and demands the best from his team. He treats you like an equal and explains everything very clearly. His work is beautiful and he is a definite perfectionist. He makes you feel comfortable and worry free.I highly recommend him! You would be crazy to choose anyone else to straighten your smile :)"

Dr. Kathy Russell

"All questions and explanations were very clear. I'm so glad I made the effort to see Dr. Russell!"

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